Monday, May 16, 2022

Stories of tiger sharks

and bulldog sharks in Marseille

The more the start date of the first of the five campaigns of OceanoScientific Expeditions 2022-2027 to the Eparses Islands (Indian Ocean - France) is getting closer - it will be during the second half of next October consecutively in Marseille, Toulon, Nice and Monaco - the more each parameter is studied in detail. The remoteness of the Eparses Islands from any port and their position on the route of cyclones and the powerful tropical depressions of the Indian Ocean are conditions that will complicate these oceanographic campaigns by sailing without CO2 emissions. Respect for the inhabitants of the coral reefs that will be bioprospected by Carla Di Santo and Linn Sekund will be essential. Indeed, these uninhabited and prohibited access islands are renowned for their extraordinary biodiversity. It is therefore probably one of the places in the world where the concentration of large sharks is the highest. Tigers, bulldogs and other species are legion! For this, the OceanoScientific Expeditions team just got stronger. Steven Surina, one of the most famous professional divers specialized in the study of the behavior of large sharks, joins the crew of the catamaran  LOVE THE OCEAN , with the double task of supervising and safety of the two divers through the "dialogue" with the sharks and the production of video reports of their dives ... when tiger sharks, bulldogs and other species will authorize it. Steven, who has become a master in interpreting the body language of these extraordinary animals, performs nearly three hundred dives a year with tourists to bring them into contact with these sharks in complete safety, as part of his missions of Shark Education. Next trainees before the dives in the Eparses Islands: Carla and Linn…


Steven Surina in contact with tiger sharks in the Bahamas. Large curious animals,

these sharks reputed to be terrible predators can be peaceful playmates with who knows how to behave with kindness with them, once their body language has been assimilated and interpreted. Photo Joe Mazzi


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