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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Maui Jim commits 

to the OceanoScientific Expeditions

Yvan Griboval, President of the philantropic association of general interest OceanoScientific and Éric Gonguet, Sales Director of Maui Jim (Kering Eyewear) in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, signed the 14 March 2023 a partnership for the OceanoScientific Expeditions 2023-2030"I have been wearing Maui Jim sunglasses for almost 25 years, ever since this brand, born in the Hawaiian Islands 35 years ago, arrived in France. I don't know of anything better to protect oneself at sea from the sun's rays, direct or by reverberation", explains Yvan Griboval as a convinced user. "This is why I wanted the crew of the LOVE THE OCEAN catamaran and the scientists on board to wear Maui Jims sunglasses, both during the OceanoScientific Expeditions in the Eparses Islands (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises - TAAF) in the Mozambique Channel, between Madagascar and Africa, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea on the occasion of the Tour MER & MÉTIERS and the BioDivMed Mission for the collection of environmental DNA between the Italian and Spanish borders". "The origin of Maui Jim sunglasses is precisely to protect from the intensity of the sun's rays in natural environments where it is very aggressive for the eyes: sea and mountain, as we meet in Hawaii", said Eric Gonguet. "This is why we are happy to accompany sailors engaged in long navigations, because we know that our Maui Jim sunglasses will contribute to their comfort, will help them to be well protected in a hostile environment. We are even happier to accompany these oceanographic sailing missions without CO2 emissions because it is fundamentally in the Maui Jim Spirit!".


From left to right: Yvan Griboval, President of the philanthropic association of general interest OceanoScientific and Éric Gonguet, Sales Director of Maui Jim France, Belgium

& Luxembourg seal their agreement with a warm handshake to associate

the parrot of the island of Maui (Hawaii) with the OceanoScientific albatross

of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Photo Maui Jim


Our Mission

Thanks to the financial contribution of its patrons and partners, the philanthropic association of general interest OceanoScientific :


Bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience so that one and all RESPECT and LOVE THE OCEAN and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations;


Contributes to the implementation of oceanographic sailing expeditions without CO2 emission in regions of the seas that have seldom been explored if at all, to increase knowledge of the Ocean, of the causes and consequences of climate change and pollution;

Concentrates its efforts to participate in the safeguarding of the genetic heritage of marine organisms threatened with extinction, in particular those of coral reefs, by promoting their virtuous valuation for the benefit of Health and Well-being in compliance with the Protocol of Nagoya;

Implements all actions intended to mobilize young people in their school cycle and higher education to encourage them to develop careers related to the Ocean, while respecting the Nature;

Acts in accordance with the standards and recommendations of United Nations (UN) agencies and the international scientific community, in conjunction with non-governmental organizations dedicated to the knowledge and preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity.


"Love, Respect and Explore the Ocean, then bear witness and share,

to promote its preservation to the benefit of future generations."

Yvan Griboval


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