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Thursday 7 January 2021

Ten years already… and now let’s focus on health!

Ten years ago, on 7 January 2011, Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet (President), Rupert Schmid, André Ladurelli (†) and Olivier Piquet created a philanthropic association at the initiative of Yvan Griboval under the name of ROSS for Research - OceanoScientific - Sport, which was to become MEROCEANS, to finally become an OceanoScientific non-profit domiciled at the Maison des Océans, founded in Paris (fifth district) in 1911 by Prince Albert I of Monaco. Goupe Papeteries Clairefontaine, then Biologique Recherche Company were its first patrons and they remain so today, thus proving their unwavering commitment to the preservation of the Ocean.


In May 2019, an OceanoScientific philanthropic association was created in Monaco, hosted by the Yacht Club de Monaco. Both are now chaired by Yvan Griboval. Cécile d'Estais is their General Delegate.


Henceforth OceanoScientific Expeditions will take part in deploying a new oceanographic activity for the benefit of HUMAN WELL-BEING and HEALTH, whether in cosmetics, dermatology or cancer research.

The first OceanoScientific Coral Expedition is scheduled for the Red Sea, where the coral reefs are scientifically reputed to be more robust than elsewhere in the world to the attacks of climate change and in particular to the rise in the temperature of sea water - Photo Israel Science Info

Contaminants Mediterranean Expedition 2020


The OceanoScientific Campaigns start and finishe in Monaco, in the wake of Prince Albert I.

Our Mission

The philanthropic association and registered charity OceanoScientific bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience on the causes and consequences of climate change and plastic pollution and call for one and all to respect, love and preserve the Ocean and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.


OceanoScientific conducts oceanographic observations according to the standards and recommendations of United Nations agencies and the international scientific community in regions of the seas seldom explored if at all as in the windswept corridor of the 40th to 60th Southern parallels under the three great capes of Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn.


OceanoScientific contributes to the global reach of the Principality of Monaco and promotes its actions to safeguard the Environment.


Patronage is a vital source of funding for these actions.









Contact us


Maison des Océans

195 rue Saint-Jacques

75005 Paris




c/o Yacht Club de Monaco

Quai Louis II

MC 98000