Our mission

"Exploring, understanding and reporting on the Ocean help us to foresee and preserve it"

Yvan Griboval - President 


Thanks to the financial contribution of patrons and partners OceanoScientific bears witness, raises awareness and educates the widest possible audience so that one and all Respect, Love and Preserve the Ocean and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.


Since 2011 OceanoScientific contributes to the implementation of oceanographic sailing expeditions without CO2 emissions in regions of the seas that have seldom been explored if at all, to promote better knowledge of the causes and consequences of climate change and pollution.


As of 2021 OceanoScientific focuses its efforts on promoting the exploitation by biomimicry of the coral ecosystem for the benefit of human well-being and health, in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol.


OceanoScientific acts in accordance with the standards and recommendations of United Nations (UN) agencies and the international scientific community, in conjunction with non-governmental organizations dedicated to the knowledge and preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity.

Patronage is a vital source of funding for these actions.