Our mission

"Exploring, understanding and reporting on the Ocean help us

to foresee and preserve it"

Yvan Griboval - President 



Thanks to the financial contribution of their patrons and partners, the philanthropic associations of general interest OceanoScientific France & OceanoScientific Monaco contribute to the implementation of oceanographic sailing expeditions without CO2 emissions in maritime areas little or not explored to promote better knowledge of the ocean, but also of the causes and consequences of climate change and pollution, whether chemical or sound.


The vocation of the OceanoScientific 2021 - 2026 Expeditions is also to safeguard the genetic heritage of marine organisms in threatened coral reefs in the service of Science, by demonstrating that a virtuous exploitation of these fantastic resources for the benefit of Health and Well-being. is possible by biomimicry - copy of Nature.


OceanoScientific acts in accordance with the standards and recommendations of United Nations (UN) agencies and the international scientific community and in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol, in conjunction with scientific institutes and non-governmental organizations dedicated to knowledge and to the preservation of the Ocean and its biodiversity.


OceanoScientific associations bear witness, raise awareness and educate the wider public in order to RESPECT and LOVE THE OCEAN and its biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.


The OceanoScientific associations contribute to the global influence of France and the Principality of Monaco and promote their actions to safegauard the Nature.