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OceanoScientific Expeditions
Coral Reefs 2023-2030

Discovering little-known marine organisms

of unexplored French coral reefs in the Eparses Islands.


Inventory of the rich biodiversity of exceptional sites.

Development of new molecules of interest

for the benefit of human Health and Well-being.

The OceanoScientific Expeditions 2023-2030 consist in bioprospecting the coral reefs of the five Eparses Islands (France) : Glorioso, Juan de Nova, Bassas da India, Tromelin, and Europa.

Juan de Nova - EV

The inhabited island of Juan de Nova is located in the Mozambique Channel (Indian Ocean), offshore to the west of the center of Madagascar, an area renowned for its fantastic biodiversity. In this image from the TAAF, the observer sees a paradisiacal island of pristine white sand. The sailor sees a site with fearsome reefs, renowned for its shipwrecks, without any shelter in case of bad weather.

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