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OceanoScientific Expeditions
Coral Reefs 2023-2030

General management


Expedition Director & Coordinator: Yvan Griboval

Self-taught - Professional offshore racer (1975-1989), Winner of the Whitbread Around The World Race 1985-86, the round-the-world crewed race on board L'Esprit d'Équipe skippered by Lionel Péan; Print and TV journalist (1979-1989); Designer and organizer of thirty editions of the Trophée des Champions de Voile (1990-2013).


Yvan Griboval, 65 years old, has created and develops the OceanoScientific program since 2006 to automatically collect high quality scientific data at the Air-Sea interface where the Climate is at stake and automatically transfer them by satellite every hour to the international scientific community.

From November 2016 to June 2017 Yvan Griboval successfully completed the first single-handed oceanographic sailing expedition around the world under the three continental capes:

Good-Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn.

Scientific Direction

Scientific Director: Thierry Pérez

Thierry Perez is an Oceanographer and Marine ecologist trained at the Station Marine d'Endoume; CNRS Research Director at the Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Écologie marine et continentale - IMBE and Deputy Director of the OSU Institut Pythéas, in charge of the Station Marine d'Endoume. An internationally renowned spongiologist, he has described nearly 50 different species of sponges. Thierry Pérez has coordinated several essential programs that have led to the emergence of marine metabolomics and has led major oceanographic expeditions and training activities in France and abroad, including the management of an International Associated Laboratory with Brazil. Member of scientific entities involved in the research and preservation of ocean biodiversity, he is Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Laboratoire d'Excellence Corail. Thierry Pérez is Head of Scientific Diving CNRS.


Scientific Advisor on Genetics: Christian Siatka


Professor Christian Siatka, a geneticist and toxicologist, is a University Professor at the Université de Nîmes, Deputy Director of the BIOTIN Master's program and Head of the Professional Degree in Biotechnology. He teaches Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology, Toxicology and Regulation/Quality. Christian Siatka is Director of the Genotyping and Genomics Platform of the École de l'ADN, chaired by Professor Philippe Berta. He is a member of the CHROME Research unit at the Université de Nîmes and is involved in Research programs in Human Genetics, Environmental Genetics and Functional Genomics. Christian Siatka is Lieutenant-Colonel in the Citizen's Reserve - Pôle Judiciaire of the National Gendarmerie and he is an expert for the European Commission.

Scientific Advisor in Underwater Robotics

& Interventions under the sea: Didier Leandri

Professor Didier Leandri is an engineer and Sc PhD in Underwater Robotics Research and Undersea Systems. University Professor at the Université de Toulon, Didier Leandri is Head of naval and undersea robotics department at the SeaTech engineering school. He specifically teaches Naval Systems and Autonomous Underwater Systems, which are the future of underwater interventions, whether scientific, military or civilian. Didier Leandri is Head of the "Robotics and Environment" team of the CNRS Genomic and Structural Information Laboratory - Joint Research Unit 7256. Didier Leandri is an expert in underwater robotics projects, of seabed mapping, identification and detection of objects for the French Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) and the French Navy.


Coordinator of the physico-chemical 

parameters observations: Lucie Cocquempot


Lucie Cocquempot, Engineer in physical oceanography, coordinates the observation networks within the Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer - Ifremer and she is a member of boards of directors of national research infrastructures dedicated to understanding the ocean. She is renowned for her skills in facilitating cross-cutting groups specialized in the definition & implementation of international observation strategies and data management for better understanding of the Ocean.

Lucie Cocquempot is involved from the design and definition of the sensor's implementation procedures to the study and the valorization of the physico-chemical data collected. She coordinates relations within Ifremer with Doctor Thierry Reynaud (Temperature/Salinity) and with Doctor Jean-Louis Gonzales (Contaminants).

Linn Sekund is Scientific Coordinator of OceanoScientific. She holds a Master's degree in Conservation from marine biodiversity and a Bachelor's degree in environmental management. She is responsible for the OSC System development.


As a diver, Linn Sekund will be co-responsible with Carla Di Santo for bioprospecting under the guidance of Doctor Thierry Pérez and responsible for DNA/RNA sequencing on board, trained by Professor Christian Siatka.


Linn Sekund will complete a thesis under the supervision of Pr. C. Siatka.


Carla Di Santo is Scientific Coordinator of OceanoScientific. She is a taxonomist with a Master's degree in aquatic bioresources combined with a Diploma as a Project Manager in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. Her studies focused on marine molecules of therapeutic interest.


A highly qualified professional diver, she will be the Dive Leader of the OceanoScientific Expeditions.


Carla Di Santo will complete a thesis under the supervision of Dr. T. Pérez.

Operational team


Cecile d'Estais-Griboval had a long career as a financial analyst in Consumer Goods, Luxury & Cosmetics, then as a senior banker before joining OceanoScientific with her husband and father of their fifteen-year-old triplets. Cécile d'Estais-Griboval is General Delegate of the philanthropic association of general interest OceanoScientific, in charge of the implementation of communication, relations with partners and the mobilization of CE2-CM1-CM2 schoolchildren. During the OceanoScientific Expeditions, she is the contact point between the OceanoScientific Explorer LOVE THE OCEAN  and Earth in order to relay partners and media's expectations, and to prepare technical stopovers. She is also responsible for the conferences organization to share the adventures of the crew.

Maxime Dréno is the faithful Second of Yvan Griboval since April 2014. Together, they have traveled several dozen thousands of nautical miles, almost always double-handed. Professional sailor, Maxime has been to the Arctic polar zones on the sailboat ATKA.


Maxime Dréno was the preparator of the successful single-handed round the world of Yvan Girboval (OceanoScientific Expedition 2016-2017). He participates in the refit of the catamaran LOVE THE OCEAN. He will be Boat Captain and Yvan Griboval's Second in command during the OceanoScientific Expeditions, in charge of the rigging, fittings and sails. He will also be Watch Leader, as usual.


Florian Fernandez studied computer science and project management until he decided that this was not the right path for him and that it would be better to live his passion: sailing and concrete actions to discover and raise awareness of the preservation of the Ocean. He  will follow a Captain 200 Sailor training.

Christian Dumard is a weather consultant for sailors. He accompanies famous skippers during major oceanic competitions and sailing records. He is Yvan Griboval's regular router, notably during his single-handed round the world OceanoScientific Expedition 2016-2017. Christian Dumard will monitor the evolution of tropical depressions and cyclones.


Justine Camus  has a Master's degree in Information and Communication, completed with a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences as well as a University Diploma in Business and Administration Management. Justine has always been dedicated to defending the marine environment and its inhabitants, in turn involved in the associations SOS Grand Bleu, The Animal Fund, Project Ningaloo (Australia), Juara Turtle Project (Malaysia). Justine will hold the position of Media woman, in charge of communication from the OceanoScientific Explorer to the Earth: video editing and their distribution, animation of social networks and website's updating.

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