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Jean-Francois Leprince-Ringuet

Founding President of the OceanoScientific Association, created on January 7, 2011, Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, a graduate of the Ecole des Mines - Paris, worked for 35 years in the information technology sector after his military service in the French Navy. He began his career with Thomson CSF, then moved to IBM and HP, before creating UNISOURCE France, a subsidiary of European telecommunications operators, then SIRIS, a subsidiary of UNISOURCE and the Compagnie Générale des Eaux. Jean-François then joined Capgemini as Chief Executive Officer of the Telecom & Media subsidiary, then BULL as a member of the Management Committee and, finally, Eutelsat as Chief Commercial Officer and member of the Executive Committee. He also chaired the Foundation of the Institute for audiovisual media and telecommunications in Europe” (IDATE). Jean-François is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ecole Sainte-Geneviève - "Ginette" – from which he graduated, but in particular is pro bono Policy Officer for the l’Œuvre d’Orient, a philanthropic association founded in 1856 and placed under the aegis of the Archbishop of Paris to support the work of Christian religious communities in the East.



Yvan Griboval - President

A self-taught entrepreneur, Yvan Griboval has been in turn a professional offshore racer, print and TV journalist, event organizer and business manager. He designed the OceanoScientific Programin 2005-06, then the OSC System from 2008 to 2016. The latter enables the automatic collection of scientific data every six seconds, especially on small vessels, and their automatic transfer by satellite every hour to researchers. During the winter of 2016-2017, Yvan successfully led the first OceanoScientific Expeditionas part of a single-handed round-the-world tour by sail. That meant 152 days of single-handed sailing including 60 days on an oceanographic expedition in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current around the three great capes, those of Good Hope, Leeuwin, and the Horn. He is now institutionalizing these oceanographic sailing expeditions in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current - in summer as well as in the austral winter - and is also working to equip the ocean racing yachts that sail around the three great continental capes. Yvan is the initiator of the philanthropic association and registered charity OceanoScientific, created on January 7, 2011.

Béatrice Witwoet - General Secretary

Lawyer at the Paris Bar since 1992, Béatrice Witvoet has a degree in European Law from Paris II University – in conjunction with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as part of the Erasmus program. She holds a Master's degree in International Transport economics and law from Paris I University. Béatrice practiced with Bouloy Grellet et Associés for eight years and then founded LBEW with two other lawyers. LBEW is a niche firm specializing in the maritime sector covering transport, logistics and industrial risks, working for transport operators, marine and industrial insurance players, in France and abroad. In 2004, Béatrice and four other women founded the French branch of the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) network, which now has around 100 members. WISTA is present in forty countries and has three thousand members. Administrator of the French Maritime Cluster and of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), her work involves various projects, including the promotion of the French marine insurance sector, the legal environment of Renewable Marine Energies (EMR), and the attractiveness of maritime business lines for women.

Juliette Declercq - Vice-Presidente

Fascinated by the financial markets, Juliette Declercq founded (in 2015) and currently directs JDI Research Ltd, a consulting firm in macroeconomics, geopolitics and financial investments after twenty years of successful professional experience with international financial institutions, such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Today, JDI Research Ltd is a global leader in investment and macroeconomics consultancy services with tailor-made recommendations for the investment managers of the most influential investment companies. This key role at the epicenter of all macroeconomic trends allows Juliette to see the risks related to the short-term vision of governments and to witness the race for growth that neglects the necessary sustainability of resources, as opposed to reasoned growth in the long term. Environmental ecosystems and biodiversity are suffering from the consequences of this global phenomenon, especially the Ocean, a source of life for our descendants. Juliette is fighting to leave her children, Theodore and Josephine, the planet they deserve.

Remi Bollack

Director and board member of several companies, Rémi Bollack is a graduate of ISG and INSEAD. He was successively a Partner with Arthur Andersen, executive officer for IBM Global Services, then Vice President and Branch Manager for Orange Business Services. Rémi has accompanied many large companies in complex transformation projects based on new information and communication technologies. For several years, he has focused his attention on digital transformation and new models of skills organization and management. He currently chairs the "PremiumPeers" company, a platform of high-level advisors and experts, with a talent community of several hundred consultants and partners, at the service of business transformation, in France and internationally. Rémi's outlook, focused on the future and the major changes involved, is an undeniable asset in favor of the development strategy of the OceanoScientific association in its mission to raise the awareness of the greatest number, in France and beyond, about the necessary preservation of the Ocean for future generations.

Rupert schmid

Born of Austrian parents, Rupert Schmid arrived in France at the age of four. A media mogul at 21, he became Director of Development of the Journal des Finances in 1988, then Director General of Défis magazine and the communication group Sorio in 1995. In 1999, Henri Proglio recruited him as Director of Communication and Marketing for the Cleansing and Transport branches of the future Veolia Environnement group. He became Policy Officer for Stéphane Richard, Orange's future CEO, and in 2006 took over the acquisition of Nîmes and Beauvais airports and made a subsidiary of the group profitable again in Australia. His meeting in 2007 with the Allouche Family, owner of Biologique Recherche, offered him an opportunity in the luxury cosmetics sector. Rupert joined forces with Philippe Allouche and his friend Pierre-Louis Delapalme, who left the Yves Rocher group for the venture. All three invested in R&D, developed the international markets and negotiated with distributors. They internalized production in a quasi-pharmaceutical laboratory. The Biologique Recherche brand is now present in leading beauty parlors and spas in more than 70 countries.


Cécile d'Estais - General Delegate

The mother of triplets particularly sensitive to the marine environment, Cécile d'Estais spent 17 years in the international finance industry as a financial analyst specializing in the luxury and cosmetics sectors in London and Paris, with major institutions such as Paribas Capital Markets, NatWest Securities and CDC IXIS (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations); then as Senior Banker at IXIS CIB in charge of implementing financial solutions. In 2006, at the announcement of the upcoming birth of her triplets, Cécile abandoned the strict business suits of a consultant banker to accompany her husband, Yvan Griboval, in the design and development of the OceanoScientific Programme. Throughout the OceanoScientific Expeditions, Cécile firmly steers operations on land while ensuring both the connection between the partners and the crew of the OceanoScientific Explorer and assuming all the tasks of general communication and media, but also the relations with schools and partners. Cécile has been the General Delegate – and Swiss army knife! – of the association since 2013.


Linn Sekund - Scientific Coordinator

Marine scientist, Linn Sekund, is specialized since 2015 in the study of coral reefs. After graduating with an international master in Conservation of Marine Biodiversity (University of the Algarve and University of Galway - EMBC) she explores the world to improve her knowledge about the rich and fascinating life on the reefs. During one year in the Maldives, as a marine biologist, Linn is alerted by the challenges the world’s ocean is facing, such as plastic pollution and coral bleaching. In 2017, she starts a job as marine data engineer at IFREMER in Brest for the Data Cluster ODATIS. An experience that allowed her to acquire a global vision about ocean observation data made in the ocean and at its interface. Linn has also been actively involved in the oceanographic campaign RREX 2017 in the North Atlantic. In 2019, she has the opportunity to connect with the University of Queensland, where major coral reef research is carried out. She joined the team of OceanoScientific as scientific coordinator. Among other things, Linn ensures the relationship with partner scientists, the calibration of the sensors and the sampling during OceanoScientific Expeditions.

Philippe de Boucaud - Mission and Development Officer


A graduate of EFAP, Philippe de Boucaud completed his academic training in cultural management at UCLA, then in international relations in Buenos Aires. Armed with this combination of Culture and Travel, Philippe integrates the Art market in New York and the Events market in Paris. He left everything to go on an adventure for six years. Philippe sailed on all oceans and all types of sailboats. These six years are rich in emotions, and in encounters. For example, he financed and installed electricity in Soweto; worked with Paul-Emile Victor's teams; joined President Carlos Menem's office. A networked man, Philippe now heads the BeCLAM Influence & Culture firm and supports private and public companies in the development of their communication strategy, digital marketing, crisis management, lobbying, in the conduct of change, with the Art as a lever for performance. Cultural engineering did not leave him, he collaborates simultaneously with the galaxy of foundations and museums as a cultural agitator, producer of television programs, creator of fairs and exhibitions curator. Incorrigible entrepreneur, he has just created a wine trading house! Father of a teenager who dreams of becoming an Explorer, sustainable development and the protection of the Ocean are just obvious for him.