The team of the
OceanoScientific Expeditions


Yvan Griboval (65 years old) Self-taught - Professional offshore racer (1975-1989), winner of the Whitbread Around The World Race (1985-1986), the round-the-world crewed race aboard L'Esprit d'Equipe skippered by Lionel Péan; Written press and TV journalist (1979-1989); Designer and organizer of thirty editions of the Sailing Champions Trophy (1990-2013). Yvan Griboval created and has been developing since 2006 the OceanoScientific Program for the collection of scientific data by sailing without CO2 emissions. He is the pioneer in this field. Yvan is designer and Director of OceanoScientific Expeditions, but also skipper of the LOVE THE OCEAN platform.

Linn Sekund (32) Scientific Coordinator of OceanoScientific  in charge of relations with researchers from partner scientific institutes, she has a master's degree in marine biodiversity conservation and a degree in environmental management. Linn is in charge of the development of the OSC System , its proper functioning, the calibration of the sensors and the collection of samples in navigation. A diver, she will be co-responsible for bioprospecting on coral reefs with Carla Di Santo and specifically in charge of DNA / RNA sequencing after her training at the DNA School.


Carla Di Santo (31) Scientific Coordinator of OceanoScientific . A taxonomist with a master's degree in aquatic bioresources associated with a project manager diploma in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, her end-of-studies subjects focused on marine molecules of therapeutic interest. Carla has participated in coral restoration programs in the Maldives. Carla will be Diving Manager of OceanoScientific Expeditions and in charge of DNA / RNA sequencing after her training at the School of DNA.

Cécile d'Estais-Griboval (58) has had a long career as a financial analyst in the Consumer Goods, Luxury & Cosmetics sectors, then as a senior banker in international establishments before supporting her husband and father of her triplets. fifteen years in the development of the philanthropic activities of the OceanoScientific associations, particularly in charge of relations with partners and, above all, of the mobilization of schoolchildren from CE2-CM1-CM2. Cécile is in charge of the administrative and financial aspects. During the OceanoScientific Expeditions , Cécile is the lookout who establishes contacts between the oceanographic platform in navigation and the Earth, whether to relay the expectations of the partners or to prepare technical stops. Cécile is the General Delegate of OceanoScientific .


Yann Duranseaud (27 years old) Self-taught - Video director, photographer and drone pilot. Yann has made long stays abroad, both in Spain and Australia. At 23, Yann has completed the equivalent of a world tour by bus, ferry and cruise ship with his backpack for all his luggage. This road trip gave him the taste of the image, which he declines today with his partner in the service of companies which wish to energize their visual communication, like the Méridien Hotels of Nice and Monaco.

Yann will have the role of image reporter during the OceanoScientific Expeditions, whether on board the boat or during underwater dives to testify to the bioprospecting of Carla Di Santo and Linn Sekund.

Justine Camus (28 years old) has a master's degree in information and communication, completed with a bachelor's degree in human and social sciences as well as a university degree in business and administration management. Justine has always been dedicated to defending the marine environment and its inhabitants, in turn involved in organizations and foundations: SOS Grand Bleu , The Animal Fund, Project Ningaloo (Coral Bay, Australia), Juara Turtle Project (Malaysia) , but also The Help Nepal Appeal (support for disabled children in Nepal) and Elephant Nature Park (Thailand). Justine will hold the position of Media woman, in charge of editing short reports, and their distribution from the catamaran to Earth: to the media, on social networks, to partners and schools.


Maxime Dreno (40) has been Yvan Griboval's faithful second-in-command since the spring of 2014. Together they have traveled several thousand nautical miles, almost always double-handed. A professional sailor (Captain 200 Voile), Maxime frequented the Arctic polar zones aboard the ATKA sailboat run by Chamonix guide François Bernard, whether as a crew member or as a skipper. He also sailed double-handed on the frail skiff TARA TARI with Capucine Trochet during an epic crossing of the Atlantic Gibraltar - Martinique. A talented preparer, Maxime will participate in the preparation of the LOVE THE OCEAN and will again be second to Yvan Griboval during the OceanoScientific Expeditions , notably in charge of the rigging, the fittings and the sails.

Paul Marre (25 years old) is a professional sailor (Captain 200), preparer of sailboats after having obtained a diploma in San Francisco on the subject of photovoltaic systems and renewable energies. Once a young sailor deep sea fishing in New Zealand, Paul looked for boarding ships "that made sense", as he explains: the schooner TARA on the France - Chile route; UNDER THE POLE from Martinique to Brittany, or as a preparer for the PLASTIC ODYSSEY in Dunkirk. Aboard the LOVE THE OCEAN, Paul will alternate the role of second-in-command with Maxime Dreno, responsible for energy and engines, compressors and other mechanical equipment.


Florian Fernandez (29 years old) followed a course in IT and IT security after completing a master's degree in IT project management, until he considered that it was not his path and that it was better to let himself be guided by his passion: sailing and concrete actions to raise awareness of the preservation of the ocean. Now a professional deckhand, Florian will undergo Captain 200 training between two OceanoScientific Expeditions stops, whether in Metropolitan France or Reunion. On board, Florian will learn how to be Yvan Griboval's second-in-command, benefiting from the experience of the other members of the LOVE THE OCEAN crew.