Contaminants Scientific Objectives

Yvan Griboval is formal: "Patrick Deixonne (7th Continent) took on the role of whistleblower from 2014-2015 by revealing the large-scale plastic pollution of the Ocean. Given the missions he carries out effectively for the benefit of the scientific community about this dramatic situation, it is not appropriate to pile up observations on this theme. We prefer to complete its work by highlighting the consequences of this pollution by identifying the nature and quantity of contaminants surfaces that poison the phytoplankton at the origin of the food chain" . The first OceanoScientific Contaminants Expedition was carried out from October 15th to 30th, 2020 between Monaco, Porto Cervo (Sardinia - Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and the Rade de Toulon. From now on, all OceanoScientific Expeditions will collect samples for this purpose, under the direction of Jean-Louis Gonzalez (Ifremer).

Linn Sekund (OceanoScientific) sends Jean-Louis Gonzalez (Ifremer) the estimated route of the OceanoScientific Expedition . Taking into account the maritime areas already informed in terms of surface contaminants, Jean-Louis precisely identifies collection points. The crew then goes to these points and Linn proceeds to collect samples, which are immediately frozen on board after being referenced.


On Wednesday October 28th, 2020, Yvan Griboval hands over to Vincent Rigaud, Ifremer Toulon Director, the samples collected by Linn Sekund, in the presence of Australian Brendan Jack, Chief Sustainability Officer of AMAALA, the main partner of the OceanoScientific Contaminants Mediterranean Expedition 2020 . They will then be transported to the Ifremer laboratories in Nantes.