Creation of a sector - OceanoScientific Academy

"What's the point, what are you doing?" Question asked by students from CE2-CM1-CM2 classes - initial target of the association's mediation actions OceanoScientific - as by adults of all origins, the answer repeated at will  "This is useful for scientists to enrich their databases and publish scientific articles"  hasn't been popular for a long time!

However, as Yvan Griboval has been hammering since 2021: "Finished feeding the  Science of Findings , let's be efficient and develop the Science of Use for the benefit of humanity! "

This is how the rapprochement was made between OceanoScientific and the Campus des Métiers et Qualifications d'Excellence (CMQe) - Métiers de la Mer - Région Sud, headed by Admiral Charles-Henri Garié, previously head of the battalion of Marseille firefighters with 2,400 soldiers.

In this context, the OceanoScientific Academy was born, an integral part of the philanthropic association of general interest.

The objective is to mobilize young people, from Secondary School to higher education, through pedagogy and traditional teaching structures, or through student offices and their regional federations. To date, more than 200,000 students have already been mobilized in this way to draw their attention to the subject of new Sea Careers and their developments.

The objective of the OceanoScientific Academy is to be a navigating base-totem to mobilize French youth on a massive scale so that France becomes an international leader in the Blue Economy and new Sea Careers, starting with HealthTechs.

Based in the South Region, the OceanoScientific Academy will be Ambassador and travelling Messenger of initiatives to guide young people towards the Ocean, by offering them access to training, leading to qualifications of excellence, and a wide range of opportunities: from Secondary school with the Brevet d'Initiation à la Mer (BIMer) which makes it possible to obtain optional points in the Baccalaureate, up to higher education; by giving priority to entrepreneurial initiatives (start-ups) via junior companies. The OceanoScientific Academy will be able to deliver doctorates thanks to its university and private partnerships, starting with a thesis in genomics of marine organisms.

Beyond this role of Ambassador and Messenger, the OceanoScientific Academy will facilitate the use and then the exploitation of genetic data collected with a small sailing vessel without CO2 emissions by students or young adult entrepreneurs with the aim of developing new therapies, with the assistance of France Biotech.

It will now be easier to answer the question:  "What's the point, what are you doing?", with the guarantee of increased interest from all interlocutors once the answer has been given...​​​​