OSC System

  • The OSC System is the result of a Franco-German collaboration.


  • It was developed by a consortium bringing together manufacturers (SailingOne in France and SubCtech in Germany) and internationally renowned scientific institutes (IFREMER and Météo-France).

  • It is the alliance of high technology at the service of scientific research.

  • It can be installed on board all types of boats.

  • The Franco-German Prize for the Economy was awarded to the OSC System in 2013.

About ten parameters already studied and soon more ...

Automatic collection every six seconds:

In the air :

  • Air temperature

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • True wind direction

  • True wind force

  • Humidity

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)

In seawater at the surface:


  • Water temperature

  • Salinity

  • Partial pressure of carbon dioxide ( p CO2)

  • Hydrogen potential (pH)

  • Fluorescence (Chl a )

Automatic satellite transmission every hour .

After being labeled by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique , the OSC System - which won the 2013 Franco-German Prize for the Economy / "Environment" category - is developed by the company SailingOne established in Cabourg (Calvados), with the support of the FEDER Basse-Normandie funds and in collaboration with the IFREMER and Météo-France institutes , as well as with the company SubCtech established in Kiel (Germany).