Joining and donating €50 to OceanoScientific France means participating in oceanographic exploration by sailing without CO2 emissions on board the OceanoScientific Explorer called LOVE THE OCEAN for better knowledge:


Causes and consequences of climate change ;


Plastic and chemical pollution (contaminants) that poison the phytoplankton at the origin of the food chain;


Noise pollution and its consequences on the living conditions of underwater fauna.


From the second half of 2022, OceanoScientific will collaborate on a five-year cycle of bioprospecting on coral reefs - primarily French, because France has the largest underwater area in the world - with the aim of safeguarding the genetic heritage of organisms unknown and threatened sailors  by the rise in temperature and acidity of seawater.


Great innovation in this field: The scientists on board will carry out DNA and RNA sequencing on board the exploration sailboat LOVE THE OCEAN.


Then, on land, it will be an opportunity to study the sequences collected and to search for molecules of interest for the benefit of human health and well-being , to promote the exploitation by biomimicry of the fantastic genetic capacities of coral and of its ecosystem.


Joining and making a donation to OceanoScientific means benefiting from a tax advantage which allows you to deduct from your taxes 60% (companies) to 66% (individuals) of the sums paid to the association. A cerfa certificate is issued upon receipt of donations and memberships.


For example: An annual membership of €50 costs only €20 to a company or only €17 to an individual, according to the provisions of the French tax code.


It means attending conferences as a VIP and previewing screenings of reports and documentaries by Yvan Griboval and scientists involved in oceanographic campaigns: either in Paris at the Maison de l'Océan - Institut Océanographique de Paris or at the Société des Explorateurs Français; or elsewhere in France.


It means having priority access to the LOVE THE OCEAN online store, where limited numbered, signed and produced luggage pieces are sold with the sails used during the OceanoScientific Expeditions.


It also means receiving magazines and newsletters as a priority, or discovering press releases at the same time as the media.

I am aware that the statutes and the rules of procedure are at my disposal at the association’s headquarters or that they will be sent to me free of charge on written request. I am aware of members’ obligations and I am committed to respecting them. I am aware that my personnal data, as transmitted through my membership, are protected by the French Law n° 78-17 of January 6th , 1978 related to data, files and freedoms.  

My payment constitutes accordance of these conditions.