Joining OceanoScientific France means taking part in oceanographic explorations by sail without CO2 emissions for the benefit of human well-being and health, to promote the use by biomimicry of the remarkable genetic capacities of coral and its ecosystem.


It means promoting research to fight against cancer.


It means taking part in innovations in cosmetology, dermatology and food supplements based on natural active ingredients copied from Nature, and the Ocean in general and particularly Coral.


It means a tax benefit in the form of an official certificate which allows you to deduct 60% (for companies) and 66% (for private individuals) from your taxes of the sums paid to the association.


An example: An annual membership fee of € 200 only costs € 80 to a company or only € 68 to a private individual, according to the provisions of the French tax code. 


It means attending as a VIP the conferences of Yvan Griboval and scientists involved in oceanographic campaigns, either at the Maison des Océans or at the Société des Explorateurs Français in Paris, or elsewhere in France, with preview screenings of reports and documentaries.


It means having priority access to the LOVE THE OCEAN online store with numbered, signed luggage goods for sale. These collector items are made in limited editions from the sails used during each OceanoScientific Expedition. A part of the sale price is donated to the association.


It means receiving magazines and newsletters in priority; press releases at the same time as the media.

I am aware that the statutes and the rules of procedure are at my disposal at the association’s headquarters or that they will be sent to me free of charge on written request. I am aware of members’ obligations and I am committed to respecting them. I am aware that my personnal data, as transmitted through my membership, are protected by the French Law n° 78-17 of January 6th , 1978 related to data, files and freedoms.  

My payment constitutes accordance of these conditions.