Joining and making a minimum donation of €200 to OceanoScientific Monaco means taking part in oceanographic exploration by sailing without CO2 emissions on board the OceanoScientific Explorer  named  LOVE THE OCEAN  for a better understanding:


From  causes and consequences of climate change ;


From  plastic and chemical pollution (contaminants) which poison the phytoplankton at the origin of the food chain;


Of the  noise pollution and its consequences on the living conditions of underwater fauna.


From the second half of 2022, OceanoScientific will collaborate on a five-year cycle of bioprospecting on coral reefs - primarily French, because France has the largest underwater area in the world - with the aim of  save the genetic heritage of little-known and threatened marine organisms  by the rise in the acidity and the temperature of the sea water.


Great innovation in this field: The on-board scientists will carry out  DNA and RNA sequencing aboard the exploration sailboat  LOVE THE OCEAN .


Then, on land, it will be an opportunity to study the sequences collected and to look for  molecules of interest for the benefit of Human Health and Well-being , to promote the exploitation by biomimicry of the fantastic genetic capacities of coral and its ecosystem.


Making a donation to OceanoScientific Monaco means joining an elitist private club to participate in events organized at the Yacht Club of Monaco and in Monaco on the occasion of the OceanoScientific Expeditions:  


Privileged access to the VIP area of the Yacht Club de Monaco Marina  when the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco receives the mooring lines when the OceanoScientific Explorer departs , then hands them to the crew on his return from an oceanographic campaign.


Privileged access to the ceremonies that precede and follow each oceanographic campaign  ; at the YCM dinner-conferences where Yvan Griboval and the scientists on board present an unprecedented selection of video images and slideshows; preview screenings of reports and documentaries; etc


It means having priority access to the LOVE THE OCEAN online store  where are sold the luggage pieces numbered, signed and made in limited numbers with the sails used during the OceanoScientific Expeditions .


It also means receiving magazines and newsletters as a priority, or discovering press releases at the same time as the media.

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